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Live in Brentwood & need to scrap your car? We can help. Collection & Payment Same Day.

    Scrap My Car Near Me

    If you’re thinking about scrapping your car then get an instant quote today! We offer cash for scrap cars regardless of their condition, and operate a free collection service.

    At Scrap My Car Brentwood, we make it simple for you. We understand how confusing and frustrating endless paperwork can be when scrapping your car, so we do our best to eliminate as much of that as possible. We just need a few quick details from you, then we can get started.

    In addition, we try to scrap your vehicle as environmentally friendly as possible. Our scrap car recycling service is an important part of what we do here at SCB. We aim to go one step further than the UK law, which requires that 95% of every car be recycled. It is our goal to divert 100% of your car’s waste from landfills by re-using every part. When you sell a scrap car with us, you are contributing towards our goal.

    How Much WillI Get For My Scrap Car?

    Scrap car values vary based on a variety of factors. But most of them you can not control, so do not worry.

    The following factors can affect how much cash you’ll get:

    • Supply and demand on the scrap metal market
    • The make and model of the car
    • Weight of car
    • Its age
    • Whether parts have been removed
    • The scrap yard’s location

    What Documents Do I Need?

    To ensure that you own the vehicle, you will need your V5 document at collection, as well as some form of identification (driver’s license) so we can verify your ownership.

    How Does Scrapping My Car Benefit Me?

    It can be very beneficial to yourself. Maybe you have an old car lying around that is taking up valuable space in your garage or on the driveway. Scrapping your car is a fantastic option because you get space and get money too.

    Can I Scrap My Car Without Keys?

    It is true that most breakers yards will still recycle your vehicle without its keys. However, you will still need to prove to the yard that you are the registered owner.

    How It Works

    1 – Get a quotation

    You can contact us via form or phone. Our office is open 7 days a week, so its unlikely that we won’t respond. Once we have your car details, we will give you a immediate quote after asking about your vehicle e.g. Is it complete?, Does it start?, Is it damaged?.

    2 – Arrange collection 

    When our local driver arrives with a car transporter, he will load the vehicle, then he will complete the necessary paperwork to legally scrap your vehicle. 

    3 – Your car is collected and you are payed 

    Our drivers will proceed to hand you over cash payment that was agreed upon over the phone. Our company prides itself on giving our customers the best prices, so we still guarantee the same price over the phone.

    Why Choose Scrap My Car Brentwood?

    Free Collection – With our scrap car removal service, you won’t have to worry about delivering your vehicle and finding a way to get home or back to work. Our experienced and friendly operatives will come to you at any time or place convenient for you.

    Environmentally Friendly Scrapping – When we dismantle a scrap car, we have the environment in mind. Remaining environmentally friendly is of utmost importance.

    Best Prices Paid – With us, you get the fastest and best scrap car quotes in your area.

    Experienced – As car scrappers for many years, we have a great deal of knowledge about the market.